Ossian Knitwear

It was after many years of working as a knitwear designer in the UK for brands such as Ballantyne cashmere, White Stuff and Laura Ashley that I became aware of the terrible damage the fashion industry was causing, after reading the book Fashionopolis by Dina Thomas felt I needed to know more about sustainability in the knitwear industry and why so many clothes ending up in landfill, 300,000 tons from the UK alone ( according to WRAP the waste charity). In 2021 I studied for a Master's degree in textile design at UAL Chelsea, specialising in sustainable textiles for knitwear. After studying different options, I decided using wool fibre from our native sheep breeds was the best way to tackle this problem. Wool is 100% biodegradable, therefore if it does end up being thrown away it will degrade quickly. Knitwear does not need to be washed as frequently as other garments this reduces its carbon foot print and when it is washed there are no plastic micro fibres unlike the manmade fleeces which are so popular at present. There are approx 62 breeds of sheep in the UK, more than any other country, many of these breeds can be traced back through centuries and have evolved to cope with the natural habitat in the UK. To keep this genetic pool for future generations it is important we use the products from these sheep to encourage farmers to keep them, this is why I use breeds such as the Romney, Castlemilk Moorit, and Wensleydales to name just a few. All the garments I sell have a life time guarantee of repair and at the end of their life I will use the garments to upcycle into a new use.