Shearing time

The London City Farm project has kicked off with shearing time. Each year the sheep need to have their thick wool coats removed so they don’t overheat in the summer, the more ancient sheep breeds can still moult but most breeds need to be sheared. At Woodland Farm Trust the experienced shearer managed to get through about 100 sheep by lunchtime, starting at 7.30 am. It looked like such a physically demanding job, some of these sheep were huge, especially the rams. I was particularly impressed with his patience and care of the sheep even working at this speed, with real respect for these shearers who do such vital work. 

We have special wool bags for the fleece these have been kindly donated by the Wool Board at Ashford in Kent where the wool will be first heading to be graded. 

Each bag is numbered so they can be tracked through their journey

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