Revolutionising Fashion with Sustainable London City Farm Yarn

Are you tired of the environmental toll the fashion industry takes?

So was I.

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With over 25 years of experience designing knitwear for renowned brands like Ballantyne Cashmere, Jaeger, and Laura Ashley, I witnessed firsthand the damage caused by conventional fashion practices. That’s why I founded Ossian Knitwear in 2021, driven by a vision for a more sustainable future.

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After completing a master’s degree at UAL – Chelsea, specialising in sustainable textiles, I embarked on a journey to redefine fashion’s impact. My focus? Wool – the UK’s most local and renewable fibre resource.

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Exploring the richness of British wool, I discovered a treasure trove of natural colours and textures among the country’s pure breeds of sheep. Surprisingly, many of these breeds boasted a softness and quality previously overlooked in the industry.

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But there was a challenge: traditional wool processing offered limited options. Either opt for mass-produced, affordable yarn that sacrificed quality, or invest in small-batch production with soaring costs.

That's when inspiration struck!

While collecting wool from Toms farm in Wandsworth, I encountered Border Leicester sheep—a rare breed with exceptional fleece quality. Handwashing and spinning the wool, I witnessed its transformation into a truly exquisite yarn.

And thus, the concept of City Farm Yarn was born.
Border Leicester

Imagine yarn crafted from the heart of urban landscapes, sourced from local city farms. Each skein tells a story of sustainability, heritage, and unparalleled quality.

At Ossian Knitwear, we're not just creating garments—we're pioneering a movement. A movement towards ethical fashion that honours our planet and celebrates the beauty of British wool.

Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future—one stitch at a time.

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London City Farms

City Farms

The majority of London City Farms keep sheep as part of their educational programme, teaching children and adults about the production of meat, cheese and wool, many farms hold demonstrations of wool processes, spinning and knitting.

Spitalfields City Farm
London City Farm Yarn

Spitalfields City Farm – A city farm in Tower Hamlets, E1

Spitalfields City Farm is the nearest city farm to the City of London’s square mile. Despite this, they are located in one of the most ...
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Mudchute Park and Farm
London City Farm Yarn

Mudchute Park and Farm – A city farm and park in Tower Hamlets, E14

Established in the 1970’s is one of the largest city farms in Europe. With 32 acres of countryside, located a stone’s throw away from the ...
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Woodland Farm Trust
London City Farm Yarn

Woodlands Farm – A working farm in Greenwich, DA16

Woodlands Farm is an 89 acre working city farm on the border of the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley.  As a charity Woodlands Farm ...
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Tom's Farm Nightingale Community Academy
London City Farm Yarn

Nightingale Academy, Tom’s Farm – Boys educational academy, SW17

Based in Tooting. Tom’s Farm was kindly funded by the Tom AP Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust as a therapeutic resource to provide students with opportunities ...
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North County Cheviot

Invest in Ossian Knitwear today and be part of the change. Together, let's redefine fashion for generations to come.

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