12 of 20 stages

Knitting on an industrial scale moved from Britain in the 1980s

12 of 20 stages

12 of 20 Stages of the Evolution of British Wool


Industrial knitting in the UK used to be centered in the North of England and

the border regions of Scotland. Since the 1980’s much of this industry has moved off shore to the Far East, causing loss of jobs including many skilled workers.

knitting on machine

As machines and factories have become larger and more sophisticated the volumes of garments being produced have grown, many factories

regularly produce 100,000 garments per month (Ref – Jiangsu. Guotai) causing a huge environmental impact.

For my project I have used a domestic, hand powered Brother machine. I have used punch cards to create each of the twenty individual patterns which surround the quilt.

Video of me knitting on the machine!

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