Stage 2 of the evolution of british wool

The Neolithic period 4000BC sheep were first recorded

stage 2 of 20

2 of 20 Stages of the Evolution of British Wool

neolithic carved stone

A neolithic stone carved pattern representing eternal life found in the UK.

This was the time that sheep were first recorded in Britain. The genetic make-up of these sheep were very close to the Soay sheep currently found on the island of St Kilda off the coast of Scotland. Described as ‘living fossils’ by Wild, J (1972). These sheep are hardy and shed their fleece annually each spring. This gene is currently of interest to eliminate the costs of shearing. It is vital to keep the gene pool of these native breeds, some of which are endanged. The “custodians of great genetic variety” (Kennard, B. p 108).

Welsh Brown Mountain Sheep

Welsh brown mountain sheep, Illustration by Low, features in J.Jenkins (1975) The wool Textile Industry of Great Britain.

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