14 of 20 stages

Cheap, high volume, throw away clothing – Fast fashion

14 of 20 stages

14 of 20 Stages of the Evolution of British Wool

Fast Fashion

7 is the average amount of wears a fast fashion garment gets before it is thrown away.
thrown away clothes pile

The 1980’s bought us ‘fast fashion’ , the latest fashion trends available, cheap, for all to buy.

This was high volume fashion, If you could make 1p for every garment you sold then you needed to sell tens of thousands to make a profit. The concept worked well, in 2018, five of the

world’s fifty-five richest individuals were fashion company owners (Thomas, D. 2018) Few people in the 1980’s anticipated the global environmental disaster this throw away fashion would cause.

Dr Tamsin Edwards from Kings College, has reported that the UK buys more clothing than any other European country, much of this ends up in landfill.

Fashion must change for the sake of the environment.

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