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Synthetic sheep fleece adding micro plastics into the oceans

16 of 20 stages

16 of 20 Stages of the Evolution of British Wool

The fashion industry , what we need to change

“A sheep’s fleece is the coat of wool that covers it”.

This is the Collins dictionary definition of the word fleece, sadly most people now associate fleece with the synthetic fibre used to make outerwear tops.

It takes up to a hundred years for the fabric of these tops to bio-degrade and it produces hundreds of thousands of micro plastic particles that work their way into the ocean and into our food products.
(Defalco et al, 2020). atagonia are one of the few large clothing brands that design sustainable garments as part of their collections and run sustainable projects to limit their carbon footprint.

synthetic fleece

This synthetic fleece top is made from 100% recycled fleece.

This does not change the fact that it will not bio-degrade for a very long time and will also shed micro plastics each wash.

Patagonia website

The lengthening of any garments life span will have some positive effect on the environment but for a sustainable future we must address the use of synthetic fibres.

synthetic fleece details on patagonia website
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